Daily life and social activities


That service users are encouraged and helped to maintain hobbies and activities they wish to. Relatives and friends are encouraged to become part of the home and play an integral part of the service users life.

Service users are encouraged to be as independent as they are able.

Service users have the right to exercise free choice and control of their lives wherever possible.

That meal times are a social time and meals are nutritional and well presented.


The manager or representative will discuss with the service user during pre-admission assessment any hobbies or activities the service user would like to pursue after their admission and if these would be practical. The findings will be passed on to the activities coordinator for any arrangements to be made. All recreational activities are subject to a risk assessment before being incorporated into the care plan.

Visits from the service users preferred clergy are encouraged. If a service user wishes to visit their usual clergy the home can arrange this and a member of staff can accompany the service user. There may be an additional charge for this.

Relatives and friends are encouraged to visit the care home and are made to feel welcome. Where service users can still get in cars families are encouraged to take them out.

Service users are encouraged to set their own timetable for the day and the care home has policies and procedures for promoting independence.

Service users are encouraged to bring with them appropriate personal belongings to help ensure their room feels like home and comfortable, providing items are practical for the room.

The home prefers and actively encourages service users and /or their representatives to handle their own financial affairs, but the home will give help and guidance when requested.

Our menu is based around the needs and wishes of the people using our service and people are encourages to be involved in this process; it includes fresh products and where possible from local sources. Lunch is generally the main meal of the day, but changes can be made to accommodate individual service users.