Frederick Lobb Hil was a County Councillor, an Alderman, and was Mayor of Helston four times. He was also in partnership with Glynn Grylls at Grylls & Hill Solicitors in the Great Office, Cross Street, Helston.

Frederick married Glynn’s sister, Loveday Marshall Grylls, born 1809. They lived in Coinagehall Street. They were married on March 3rd, 1831, at Helston and eventually they had six children(pictured right).

Painted on the steps of Penhellis, with distant views of Porthleven.

1. With fishing basket, Frederick Vivian (1831-1904).
2. In yellow dress, Emily Boriase (1833-1916).
3. In pink dress, Georgina Barclay (1834-1916).
4. With hoop, Humphry Grylls (1836-1912).
5. Stroking dog, Pascoe Grenfell (1837-1881).
6. In white dress, Loveday Marshall (1839-1924).

Loveday died just ten days after the birth of the sixth child, on 18th February, 1839 and was buried at Helston.

During the 1830s Frederick employed Mr. George Wightwick of Plymouth to design a Georgian-style house which was soon to become Penhellis. He also designed Helston Guildhall. He was a pupil of Sir John Soane and a friend of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the poet, whose son, Derwent Coleridge became head master of Helston Grammar School.